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sun - soil - sheep

We raise sheep for their fine meat and wool, but most importantly for the magical transformation that ruminants can have on the landscape. Through intensive pasture management, they are turning our rocky hillside into lush pastures that hold and build soil, repairing the damage done by years of tobacco farming, soil erosion and neglect.

Though they seem small, their impact is great, and their gifts are many. We shear our breeding flock twice a year, and use everything from those that we butcher, including naturally tanning the sheepskins with fat and smoke.



With over half our acreage in hardwood forest, we harvest select trees for green woodworking, winter heat, and to keep our forest productive. Sweet birch, cherry, tulip poplar, maple, black walnut, hickory and apple are just some of the species that get transformed into spoons, bowls, and more.



Sarina Roscigno & River Neff

Mezzaluna Farmstead
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