White + Walnut Wool Shawl

White + Walnut Wool Shawl


Felted Icelandic wool shawl in natural creamy white mixed with locks dyed in Black Walnut hulls. With a collar that can be worn folded down or worn high around the neck, you can brave the snow and cold winds.

Made from the fall shearing of one of our Icelandic yearlings ewes, this shawl is very soft with lovely long locks. Leather lacing is handcut from salvaged scraps of US bark tanned leather.

Measures 30” l x 12” w.


All wool is hand-sheared from our own flock of Icelandic sheep and processed right here on the farm. Our sheep graze organically managed pastures, moving daily to fresh ground, and are never treated with pesticides/dips. Botanical dyes are gathered from our pasture and woods, and I use a mild bio-degradable soap for felting and washing. Although I take care to hand pick any debris from the wool, you may still find tiny pieces of hay or seeds, a reminder of the mountain pastures that made your wool.

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