'Sassafras' - Naturally tanned Icelandic Sheepskin

'Sassafras' - Naturally tanned Icelandic Sheepskin


This pelt has super soft, creamy locks with gray undercoat and deep black edges with an average staple length of 5”. It has been smoked with chestnut bark, giving the leather a very light golden hue, and softened to a supple, suede-like finish. 26”w x 36”l.

Our sheep graze organically managed pastures and are never treated with pesticides/dips. All skins are tanned right here on the farm with traditional methods that pose no harm to our land and waters, or to you. They are hand washed with phthalate-free biodegradable soap, gently combed and picked of debris. You may still find seeds or hay in the wool, or get a whiff of woodsmoke. Enjoy it.

Sheepskin care:
Treat this skin like any treasured wool/leather item: air it often, keep it away from excessive humidity or high heat, and pups that like to chew. Icelandic wool felts easily and should never be washed with agitation. You can gently spot clean the wool, or if necessary, soak in cool water. If the hide is wet, it will need to be dried with no direct heat and gently stretched as it dries to regain suppleness. The tannins used to preserve the skin will react with metals like iron and create dark stains, so avoid draping it over metal chairs, tables, etc.

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