Felted Wool Cleaning Scrubbies - Set of (3)

Felted Wool Cleaning Scrubbies - Set of (3)


These are lightly abrasive felted wool scrubbies for a multitude of uses! They won’t scratch delicate surfaces, or shed plastic or metal microfibers into your cooking pans or septic system. Just rinse and air dry after use, and as they eventually break down, compost them!

Multi-color organic shapes roughly 3” x 3” from our Icelandic sheep, and come in sets of 3.

Note: some of these are dyed with botanical dyes such as black walnut husks and chestnut bark, while others are undyed natural colors. They are hand felted with the wool from our organically managed sheep, and are safe to use on your skin, but they do contain some bits of hay/seeds/etc.

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