100% Forage-Fed Lamb

By moving our sheep every day in small paddocks, each piece of ground is able to rest and regrow to optimum grazing height. This helps encourage a diversity of pasture plants, beyond just those that can tolerate heavy grazing, and can be used to prevent soil erosion and fertility run-off by ensuring that the soil is never bare and plant roots can reach deep. We supplement their diet with water from our spring, and certified organic kelp and a sheep mineral mix to aid in the remineralization of our soils. Our lambs are never given grain, vaccines or antibiotics, but instead feast on a variety of grasses, clovers, yarrow, plantain, dandelion, and trees: a whole herbal farmacy packed into every tender, sweet cut.

USDA inspected cuts of lamb are available year-round at the High Country Food Hub in Boone, NC.