Truly Pastured Lamb

Lambs are born in late spring, just in time for peak pasture growth, and spend the season grazing alongside their mothers. Because Icelandic sheep are seasonal breeders with naturally short tails, we don’t castrate ram lambs, dock tails or wean lambs from their mothers. From April to October we move the flock every 24 hours to fresh ground, and give them mineral salt, kelp meal, and water from our spring to round out the diverse grasses and “weeds” they forage on our mountainside.


Healthy Pasture, Healthy meat

Resting our pasture between moves for encourages a diversity of pasture plants, controls soil erosion and fertility run-off, and leaves natural habitat for wild cottontails, hummingbirds and many other little creatures. Our lambs feast on clovers, yarrow, plantain, dandelion, and a variety of trees: a whole herbal farmacy packed into every tender, sweet cut.


We sell USDA inspected cuts through the High Country Food Hub in Boone, NC, and are happy to arrange direct sales with advance notice.

2018 Prices (Direct)

Loin chops              $16/lb (1.5″ thick, 4 per pkg)
Shoulder roast        $12/lb (boneless, netted)
Rack of Lamb        $16/lb (frenched)
Sirloin chops          $12/lb (bone-in, 2 per pkg)
Boneless Leg          $14/lb (center cut, avg 2 lb)
Bone-in Leg            $12/lb (whole, avg 3-4 lb)
Shanks                    $10/lb (1 per pkg)
Shanks, sliced         $11/lb (cross-cut osso bucco style)
Spareribs                $8/lb
Ground lamb          $10/lb (1 lb package)
Stew/cubes             $12/lb (1 lb package)
Heart/liver/kidney   $7/lb

We also have several packages available, which allow you to try a variety of cuts at a reduced price, even if you don’t have a chest freezer.

Crockpot Special

Crockpot Special

Sampler - 3.5 lbs - $40
The sampler consists of 3 easy to cook cuts: 1 lb ground lamb, 2 sirloin chops/steaks, and 1 small boneless leg roast (1.75 lb).

Crockpot Special
- 4 lbs - $40
Consists of 4 cuts, perfect for low and slow cooking: 1 lb of stew/cubes, 1 boneless shoulder roast, 1 package of spareribs, and your choice between 1 whole shank or 1 cross-cut shank.

Lamb Feast - 8-9 lbs - $110
5 delicious cuts of lamb, including: 1 bone-in leg of lamb (~3 lbs), 2 packages of loin chops, 2 sirloin chops/steaks, 2 whole shanks, and 1 package of lamb stew/cube/kabob.